L.O.O.M #636 Eureka, CA
4328 Campton Rd., Eureka, CA 95503

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1.Prime Rib/New York Roast By Sal & Crew Friday April 5 Prime Rib $16 New York $13 Chicken $10 Please RSVP by Thursday April 4th Quantities Limited

2.April 10th Lodge Officer Election 6:15 pm

3.Dance To: "Midnight Special" Stuffed Chicken By Shonna

Every Tuesday Early Birds start at 6:00 p.m. Note, New Time, Regular Bingo starts at 6:30 p.m. Open to the Public. 80% payback. Snack Bar Available. JOIN IN THE FUN!

Bingo, Cribbage& Bunco

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Every Thursday at 6:15 p.m. 9 Games $7:00 Questions or want to learn how to play? Call Peggy or Rick Shea 707-444-3161

LOOM - WOTM - Friends
Invited to Play Bunco on Fridays:
March 8th and April 12th, 2019 @ 6:30 PM to the end $6.00 Buy In 6:30 PM Learn how to play the game. Game starts at 7 PM Cash prizes and white elephant gifts will be awarded!! Bring your favorite finger foods to Share. Questions?? Contact Barbara J. Fields at (707) 443-0562



Hello Fraternal Brothers & Sisters
Its time once again to elect your new Board of Officers please consider giving some thought to joining the Moose Board of Officers. If you are interested pick up an application at the Lodge. I hope you have noticed that not to many dinners have been posted in your calendar lately, this is because we do not have enough volunteers willing to cook or plan a meal. Too many members are NOT supporting the dinners that are offered. Please check your calendar and make plans to attend what dinners are offered and also check out the various meals planed out for the Tuesday snack bar. (there not just burgers and fries anymore.)
Again THANK YOU to all the volunteers that do give so much of there valuable time to support activities held at your Lodge. Remember this lodge belongs to all it's members make your voice heard.
Fraternally Dan Lovett Governor


All Members PLEASE Read!
We are having a problem with members "forgetting"
their Membership Cards. We cannot serve an
alcoholic beverage to anyone that does have their card
unless they are a guest by a member in good standing.

A Word from the Administrator:

The wonderful thing about our Eureka Moose Lodge is that it is enjoyed by many. The bad thing is that it is enjoyed by many - at no cost. We have been fortunate to be able to provide this facility to many groups for little or no cost; however, it has become painfully obvious that this trend cannot continue. Too many use this facility without providing any support to the lodge. The senior dance club uses the facility for no cost, but they fail to contribute anything to the Lodge for that use. – most do not support the Social Quarters or even participate in the inexpensive dinners provided by the lodge. They do, however, manage to bring in a host of refreshments for their members. Senior Bingo uses the lodge each Wednesday, providing a very worthwhile forum for many, but, they contribute nothing to support the lodge. A tango group uses the lodge regularly but also contributes nothing to its support. In contrast, the cribbage group has made a concerted effort to "pay their way." It should be obvious that operating the lodge is very expensive, yet, the only people paying for this are those members who regularly support the social quarters and the breakfasts and dinners. In Summary, there is simply too few that are financially supporting our Moose fraternity. Please don't be confused that your annual dues provide ample support for the Lodge: The dues we receive annually would not pay the utility bill for even one month. The House committee has acknowledged this and is addressing the resolution. Simply put, "there will be no more free lunches." I wouldencourage all groups that wish to continue to utilize this facility to immediately decide how they can support both the Moose and your own interest. The alternative is that your function will be discontinued. While we would like to continue to provide a venue for all interests at little cost, that option is no longer viable. Suggestions for resolution are invited.
Sincerely, Eureka Moose Administration
Rich Newell