L.O.O.M #636 Eureka, CA
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1.May 3rd, "Cinco De Drinko"
Special Margaritas Nachos, Salsa ...

2.May 11th, "FIESTA DINNER"
Chick. Tacos, Chile Verde, & More

3.June 14th, SHEILA'S Famous

Every Tuesday Early Birds start at 6:00 p.m. Note, New Time, Regular Bingo starts at 6:30 p.m. Open to the Public. 80% payback. Snack Bar Available. JOIN IN THE FUN!

Bingo, Cribbage& Bunco

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Every Thursday at 6:15 p.m. 9 Games $7:00 Questions or want to learn how to play? Call Peggy or Rick Shea 707-444-3161

LOOM - WOTM - Friends
Invited to Play Bunco on Fridays:
March 8th and April 12th, 2019 @ 6:30 PM to the end $6.00 Buy In 6:30 PM Learn how to play the game. Game starts at 7 PM Cash prizes and white elephant gifts will be awarded!! Bring your favorite finger foods to Share. Questions?? Contact Barbara J. Fields at (707) 443-0562



Hello Fraternal Brothers & Sisters
This will be my final post as your Moose Lodge Governor. I would like to thank the volunteers who give their time and effort throughout the year as we continue to hold our weekly breakfasts and a few dinners. We certainly need your help. The volunteer pool is getting tired and we need new volunteers to help. All we are asking is for volunteers to help with a dinner, work bingo or Tuesday night snack bar or just helping
existing volunteers with a couple of hours of your time. Finally, keep in mind the rules of our lodge when you bring in a guest or children. Guests must be signed in by you, the member. You are responsible for the guest. Children must be supervised at all times. Remember, a guest may only visit the lodge twice: The third visit requires joining the Lodge. A member must be present at all times while his or her guest is in the lodge, and the guest must leave the lodge when the member leaves. Sales cannot be made directly to a guest; but only to the sponsoring member. Remember, it is your responsibility to show your current Moose membership card to the bartender before being served.
Dan Lovett
Retiring Governor

In Coming Governors Word
Hello Fraternal Brothers and Sisters of the Moose Lodge 636. My name is Patrick Bent and I will be your Governor for the next year. We officers will be planning some fun activities during the year. If you have any ideas, come to a general meeting. I want to thank all of our volunteers for making our Lodge successful and I encourage others to volunteer. Keep track of what's going on through our newsletter and calendar, you can also find them on our web site and on face book.
See ya around the Lodge

Getting to Know our Volunteers


A Word from the Administrator:

May 01 marks the beginning of a new Moose fiscal year. In theory, we have a new Board of Officers. In reality we have many returning officers, but, we do have a clean slate. The Board of Officers that was elected, I assure you, is here to serve you. I want to convey my gratitude to Dan Lovett for his role as Lodge governor this past two years. Dan has clearly always had your best interest at heart. Thank you, Dan. Our new governor, Patrick Bent, is equally devoted to the Moose Lodge and has always demonstrated a sincere dedication to the membership. Furthermore, he is not new to this role. It is now your obligation to share your ideas or concerns with Patrick or the Board of Officers, otherwise, you cannot expect them to be addressed. On another note, I am pleased to explain that most of the groups that are using the Lodge have now responded with a sincere effort to support the Lodge. Thank You, this is vital to our lodge's survival. Our Moose Lodge is a diamond that has not been properly recognized; perhaps because our success is dependent on our membership. We need to grow our membership. If you haven't sponsored a new member, do it now! A growth in membership is vital to our fraternity and is part of your oath of membership. It is also a pool for new volunteers. We have some great ones, but, we need more! We have not done the best job in recruiting volunteers, but, neither have many of you come forward. Those that have are enjoying their involvement. You should give it a try. Our arms are open, because volunteers are the only way this Moose Lodge will survive. Why not start now? I don't know of anyone that has gotten involved that has regretted it.

Rich Newell, Lodge Administrator and Friend